The Florence Beauloye brand was born two and a half years ago (2015), but F. Beauloye has been designing and creating jewellery for the past 20 years. She turned to jewellery because she see it as a visual to showcase beauty. The common thread in her work comes from textiles. Because this allows her to work with a needle, as is traditional in haute couture.

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Florence Beauloye Haute Couture Jewellery welcome you at Château de Beervelde

Stand in the old stables, near secretariat.

Just 90 minutes from Calais, situated on a family estate in Flanders’ Horticultural Valley, the ‘Garden Days of Beervelde’, is reputed to be one of the best three-day Flower Show on continental Europe. A real treasure trove for plant lovers, Beervelde’s 230 exhibitors also offers its 20,000 visitors a wide selection of culinary specialties, artisan craft items, antiques, musical entertainment and children’s activities. A wonderful day out with family and friends.

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Florence Beauloye, Haute Couture Jewellery ‘s next exhibition will be on THE BIG POP Tango Marathon in Manchester this 11-12-13 august 2017 … so happy to be their guest !